Mercury International FX can save your business a fortune. By giving you better than bank rates and lower transaction costs we can help you drive your business forward.


We have been saving our international clients thousands for years by offering great rates and hedging strategies - let us help your business do the same.

Information Required:


- Full Name of Company

- Registered number

- Registered office in country of incorporation

- Business/trading address

- Names of all directors

- Names of all individuals who own or control

- over 25% of its shares or voting rights






Mercury FX is not just for companies. If you are an individual who sends or makes international payments of >£5,000 then we can save you money. We will give you better than bank rates on over 40 currencies.


We will make the process quick and easy, while giving you a personalised service. Our team of experts is here to help you get the best from the currency markets.

Information Required:


- Full Name

- Residential address

- Date of Birth


This information needs to be verified by one from List A and List B (see below)






Personal: To comply with industry regulations, all applicants must provide some form of photo identification. We’d prefer a valid passport in your own name but if that’s not possible then we may accept other documents instead.


In some instances, we may ask for a few other documents to verify your identity before opening an account but we’ll tell you about this during the application process

List A - Government Issued documents 

- Valid Passport

- Valid Photocard driving license

- National identity Card

- Firearms certificate or shotgun license


List B - Other Documents

- Instrument of court appointment (any document with address details issued by a court)

- Council tax bill, demand letter or statement

- Current bank statement by a firm regulated in UK, EU or equivalent jurisdiction

- Utility bill