One account, global reach. Simple.


Mercury FX is a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative to banks for receiving and sending international currencies. Whether you are a business making regular transactions or an individual buying an overseas property we will save you time and money.


An account with Mercury FX means that clients can make payments to anywhere in the world – quickly, cheaply and securely.


There is no need to maintain multiple expensive currency accounts, as you would need to using a bank, there’s just one account with global reach.


And it’s free.











How we save you money

Better-than-Bank exchange rates


Like investment banks and hedge funds, we trade in the Interbank FX markets, which gives us access to the best exchange rates. We then pass these excellent rates on to our clients who get far more value for money than they would with the banks.

Save on transaction costs


On average we save our clients 3% vs the banks on their currency transactions. This can add up quickly, particularly when you make multiple transactions.





'Thank you Mercury FX for a quick and easy money transfer abroad at an amazing rate. You have a very happy customer'




Other Services


Hedge your future currency obligations through our forward trade facility or receive notifications when your rate has been hit.


Foreign exchange rates can fluctuate dramatically, which can then impact your bottom line significantly. To protect our clients from any negative impact resulting from this volatility, Mercury FX also offers a currency hedging service, removing any undue stress caused by the ever-shifting market.



Hedging and Limit/Stop Orders


Mercury goes beyond what a retail bank would offer allowing you to optimize your currency management (for free). In addition to our traditional currency services we also offer our clients the following:


1) Access to market tools such as hedging your future obligations for currency requirements through forward trades.  Being able to accurately forecast your income and expenses by knowing the exchange rate immediately stabilizes cash flows and avoids unforeseen financial shocks.

 2) The use of currency alerts as well as limit and stop orders. These tools can be very useful for savvy international businesses and overseas investors. Limit orders are free to work in the market.  You can choose a rate that you’d like to exchange at and we can leave an electronic order in the market to try and achieve that rate for you.  The order works in the market 24 hours a day and automatically executes when the rate is hit.