How it works


It's simple. Send money and make payments in over 40 currencies from your Mercury FX account at the best exchange rates with the lowest transaction fees.






STEP 1 - Open a free account online

It takes a few minutes to complete the online form and then to scan and email us your ID document/s.  We will have your business or personal account opened within 30 minutes.


STEP 2 - Get a quote for your trade/payment

You can access your account online to make an international payment or if you prefer you can email or call us.  If you are happy with the rate quoted we go ahead and execute the trade and confirm that by email.  The confirmation email you will receive from us will contain full instructions on what to do next and where to pay your funds to. 


STEP 3 - Fund Your Account

Just tell us where you need your currency paid to and we’ll set the payment up if you haven’t already done so using your online account.  Again, confirmation that the payment has been created will be emailed to you.


STEP 4 - Converted Currency Delivered 

We will confirm that we have received your funds.


STEP 5 - Confirmation of payment

We will confirm that your payment has left us and will arrive either that day or the next with your beneficiary, anywhere in the world.  Any issues with funds arriving will be tracked by us for free. 















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